Garner trip

I realized this morning that I hadn't ever posted pics from our camping trip to Garner on my blog. So...... Here they are!

Jeremy set up Anthony's tent for him, because he actually broke his arm (in a motorcycle accident) on his way there!

Here is our lovely tent:

Here is Anthony at Dairy Queen, with his soft cast on:

Our friend Travis doesn't have a tent, so he used our kid's. He slept in this lovely bumblebee for the weekend:

Even with a broken arm, Anthony is a good cook:

Jeremy decided to be nice and help him out:

We went hiking up this really high cliff. There was a beautiful view:

This was the entrance to the cave. I didn't go in.

Even Anthony braved the cliff with us.

This is a picture of the cliff we hiked:

We had fun on our trip, even though Anthony got hurt. He ended up going home early, and he actually had to have surgery on his arm later. He is a lot better now, though!

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