Freddy's Frozen Custard

After we went to Natural Bridge Caverns ag couple weeks ago, we took the kids to Freddy's Frozen Custard. They loved it. Here are some pics from that.




Pictures from Friday, April 24th

Friday, Jeremy & I had off of work. We went for a bike ride with our friends, Lauren & Coby.

We started out on I-10 & went out to 46. We went to Blanco State park first. That place was so green! Everything was beautiful. Even the water was green. :)





After Blanco, we rode up to Marble Falls. We were hungry, so we stopped at a restaraunt on the lake, and ate on the patio. It was awesome.





This was the view from the patio:



After that, Jeremy & I stopped at Guadalupe State Park to chill out for a little bit. We had this lovely view:


And then we went home, and I passed out at 8pm. :P


Pictures from Sunday, April 26th

On Sunday we took the kids to Aquarena Springs in San Marcos. Amber & her kids went with us also. It has changed a lot since the last time I went (twenty years ago), but it was still pretty cool.

They have a boardwalk that goes out over part of the river, so you can see the turtles, fish, & plants out there. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Kids looking at San Marcos River

Colette in San Marcos

The San Marcos River

The San Marcos River

After we walked on the boardwalk, we went on the glass bottom boat ride. This is the boat we went on:

Glass bottom boat in San Marcos

Then we had to take a pic of the kids:

The kids in San Marcos

And we took a look at the little aquarium they had, and saw this little red-eared slider:

A turtle in San Marcos

After all that, we were hungry. There is a Saltgrass steakhouse right across the river, so wen went there. We ate on the patio. It was so nice out there!

Colette at Saltgrass in San Marcos

Domanick at Saltgrass in San Marcos

Hope at Saltgrass in San Marcos

Gavin at Saltgrass in San Marcos

Amber at Saltgrass in San Marcos


Colette's birthday money

Colette got a lot of money to spend for her birthday. She kept looking at the toys, and saying, "I can afford this!". She was so cute. I kept telling her, Colette, you can get like six of those!

So, what did she end up spending her money on?

A new backpack. And lunch box. And water bottle (it has hello kitty on it). and for good measure, she threw a slip-n-slide in there.

Here she is with her new backpack:


Look at this!

I snapped these pics of the kids today while we were waiting for our custard at Freddy's Frozen Custard (It's really good, btw). I LOVE the way they turned out, especially Gavin's!


Riding Bikes

A couple weeks ago, we took the kids to a park near us (OP Schnable) and let them ride their bikes on the trails. They had a ton of fun.