Look, I actually made something!

I haven't been sewing or scrapping much lately, but I actually made something the other day!

A neighbor is moving (we will be very sad to see them go, her daughter is very close with Colette), and she was paring down, so she didn't have to move so much stuff. And I inherited a bag full of lovely fabric. I should have taken a picture of it, but there was pink and purple satiny stuff, and other velvety stuff. It was awesome!

Colette has been wearing skirts nonstop lately, especially the ruffly kind. So I kind of copied one of her skirts, with a little twist. She was so happy to see it, and I love that it was completely free!



When you let the kids take pictures.....

The other day we were on the way to the beach, and the kids (we had two of Colette's friends with us) all wanted to take a picture.



Paradise Cove Luau

Monday evening (the week my friend Allison came to visit), we went to a luau, at Paradise Cove. It was awesome. Going to a luau had been on our "list" since we moved here, but it's so expensive, and we didn't realize it would be so much fun. Allison coming to visit was the perfect excuse to check it out, and we are so glad we did!

We got there a little bit early, so we got to hang out for a few minutes. We all got these beautiful leis as a greeting.

Gavin found a really big (empty) snail shell.

before the show, there were several activities you could participate in. The kids made sure we did every single one. :)

No luau would be complete without an adult beverage or two!

We had really awesome seats for the dinner & show. All of these pictures were not zoomed in, I took them right from my seat!

They had a part during the show where the kids could go up on stage for a hula lesson. Colette surprised me by wanting to go up there. Normally she is extremely shy. She was having a lot of fun, though, and is really interested in hula.

It's kind of hard to tell just by these pics, but once Colette got up on the stage, she didn't really do anything. She is an observer, much more comfortable watching everyone else. It was actually pretty funny, she was just standing there, not doing anything. I took a few seconds of video, but I'm not sure how to post it.



Right Now....

Making : a dress for my daughter
Cooking : nada right this moment - later, beer can chicken!
Drinking : just finished a homemade latte. yummy!
Reading: It's been a while since I read a book for fun. I should do that.
Wanting: a few things - a binding machine and one of those curved shower curtain rods
Looking: at my computer screen, and my very messy kitchen
Playing: pandora on my iphone
Wasting: time wishing I had more of it
Sewing: (see above), a dress for Colette. I need to get on it.
Wishing: it was summer already - I'm going home for a few weeks!
Enjoying: quiet - that doesn't happen too often here.
Waiting: for Jeremy to come home for lunch. What should I make him?
Liking: the espresso/caramel coffee combo I made this morning. Also, the show Weeds. We have gotten hooked.
Wondering: If we'll get paid on the first (since when did being military mean so much uncertainty?
Loving: my husband. He does so much for us.
Hoping: we get paid tomorrow instead of Monday. I need a haircut!
Marvelling: at how messy the house keeps getting!
Needing: to buy new pajamas for my kids.
Smelling: my lemon lavender Yankee Candle burning.
Wearing: bootcamp undershirt & pj pants. Yup, I need to shower.   :P
Noticing: Maybe I need to start taking iron again too.
Knowing: that I am loved. <3
Thinking: of all the things I NEED to do.
Bookmarking: all of your fab crafty tutorials!
Giggling: every time I check the NSBR at www.twopeasinabucket.com
Feeling: tired (what a surprise)



Ko Olina Lagoon

The week my friend Allison came to visit us, we did a lot. We had so many things planned that I actually planned out an "itinerary" so we could maximize the time she was here to visit.

Allison got here on a Sunday, and left Thursday evening. Monday morning, we went to see the USS Arizona (see previous post for pics), and we planned to go to a luau that evening. We had a little bit of time to kill, but not quite enough to go home, so we went to the beach right down the road from the luau. It was beautiful, and the kids love going there, even though this time they didn't have their swimsuits on.

Jeremy had been growing out a mustache for "mustache March" at his work (in the navy, a moustache is the only facial hair you're allowed). Don't ask me why, but Jeremy says that every year during March, most all the guys at his work grow out a mustache. I think it's crazy, but then again I'm not big on facial hair.

Gavin for some reason was really focused on Jeremy's mustache this day, and he kept poking it. Silly guy!

While we were at the beach, someone told us about a really cool "surprise" at the marina. So we walked over to take a look. The view was pretty nice.

And this is what we found! The Black Pearl! I guess it's because they are opening a new Disney Resort right there in August. The kids thought it was really cool to see the ship, they love all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.