Ko Olina Lagoon

The week my friend Allison came to visit us, we did a lot. We had so many things planned that I actually planned out an "itinerary" so we could maximize the time she was here to visit.

Allison got here on a Sunday, and left Thursday evening. Monday morning, we went to see the USS Arizona (see previous post for pics), and we planned to go to a luau that evening. We had a little bit of time to kill, but not quite enough to go home, so we went to the beach right down the road from the luau. It was beautiful, and the kids love going there, even though this time they didn't have their swimsuits on.

Jeremy had been growing out a mustache for "mustache March" at his work (in the navy, a moustache is the only facial hair you're allowed). Don't ask me why, but Jeremy says that every year during March, most all the guys at his work grow out a mustache. I think it's crazy, but then again I'm not big on facial hair.

Gavin for some reason was really focused on Jeremy's mustache this day, and he kept poking it. Silly guy!

While we were at the beach, someone told us about a really cool "surprise" at the marina. So we walked over to take a look. The view was pretty nice.

And this is what we found! The Black Pearl! I guess it's because they are opening a new Disney Resort right there in August. The kids thought it was really cool to see the ship, they love all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 


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Stacy said...

I am so jealous of all your green grass and that water. It is so yucky here. I love seeing all your beach pictures. And so awesome that you got to see the Black Pearl!