The Good Things

I've been having a really bad day today; so I want to list all the things that have been good today (maybe it will help me feel better):

- my sunburn isn't peeling anywhere except my scalp; it looks like it will just turn into a tan

- I am wearing my old size 8 jeans, and they look good! (ok, i know that one's bragging a little bit, but come on... I've been working hard.)

- I got those lovely roses today! (I know the pics bad, but it's from my cell phone. oh, and Jeremy sent the roses.)

- Amber & Allison both want to hang out after I drop off the kids this evening!

- the kids are going to Poopy & Shannon's house for the weekend. (And Jeremy is going camping, so I will be home alone this weekend)

- Tomorrow I get to photograph a wedding! (My second one)

- Sunday I'm supposed to have lunch with Elaine. It's been a couple weeks since I've seen her.

Ok, I'm feeling a little better now. Now, if only my headache would go away... :)

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