Colette's Birthday

I know I'm a couple weeks behind.... Colette's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year, so we decided to have her party on Saturday. Colette chose to have her party at the Fiesta Farm again. She's had her birthday there three times now, but she loves it! They have horse/pony rides, small goats you can feed & pet, rabbits, chickens, peacocks, turkeys, cows, llamas, a donkey..... I'm sure I forgot a few things in there, but they have a ton of stuff to do. They also had a playground, and they do hayrides.

I think everyone who came to the party had a great time. It was also nice to see everyone, since it was about 3 weeks before we left for Hawaii.

Gavin loved hanging out with Poopie and Shannon.

Colette got a ton of cool presents.

My nephew, Gibson, really liked the cake.

Violetta wasn't sure about the goats following her around, but she had the food....

A couple seconds after this picture was taken, the goat licked Gavin's ring pop. He was not happy about that.

Yes, all my pictures loaded backwards, so you are viewing the party events in reverse....

My niece Violetta LOVED riding the horses & ponies. She rode them several times, and then kept begging to ride again.

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