Elaine's Wedding

My sister, Elaine got married about a month ago. I didn't have a chance to post any pictures earlier, because we were in the middle of moving to Hawaii. We left San Antonio a week after her wedding. (I'll have to do another post on the past few weeks, they've been a little crazy.) So... here are the pictures from Elaine's wedding. Jeremy took most of them, because, well, I was in the wedding, and that would just be awkward.

I went to get ready with Elaine, and all the girls (and Elaine's kids) rode in a limo over to the ceremony. Violetta (my niece) was excited to ride in the "big car". Don't worry, she did ride in a carseat, I just got this pic before she was buckled in it.

Gibson was being a little cutie, as usual.

We had a little set back right before the ceremony - we left the ring in the limo! So we did not walk down the "aisle" as originally planned, but it still worked. Onnie walked with Gibson (who was supposed to walk with Gavin),

I walked with Gavin (who did hold the ring just like ring bearers should),

And the girls walked down the aisle with Michelle (Elaine's now mother-in-law). The ceremony was held at the Botanical Gardens, and it was beautiful. Yes, my niece pulled an entire flower, because it was pretty, and she was a flower girl. Flower Girls have to have flowers, right?

I was the maid of honor for my sister.

Jeremy took this picture of me while we were waiting for everyone to get together for a group photo.

Violetta got bored, and wanted to run. I think this was the funniest pic!

The kids were so excited to be in a wedding. In the days before the ceremony, they were a little nervous about it, but they both did a great job.

The whole group. Minus Jeremy.

I really like this picture of Jeremy and I at the reception. The reception was held at Cory's parent's house. (Cory is the groom).

The cake...

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