Kailua Beach

A while back (sorry, I'm behind), we went to Kailua beach with our neighbors. It is the prettiest beach ever! We took our brand new puppy, Lola with us, and we all had a blast!

Normally I would crop this picture, but i wanted you to see just how small this little girl is. She's 3 pounds!

Colette had a lot of fun playing in the sand for a while, and then she got in the water and had even more fun.

Gavin is...... hitting the water? I don't know, but look at how much fun he's having here!

Just to show you how pretty this beach is.

Colette playing with the neighbor's girl, Lili.

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Stacy said...

look at that water. Oh, I am so jealous! How is everything going besides loving the beaches? I hope the transition went well. Think about me every once in awhile sitting here in the hot, hot humid air in WV. :) My dream to is to go to Hawaii some day. I really am jealous of you. I'm loving all the pictures lately and the puppy is adorable.