North Shore Dinner

Tuesday evening, we drove up to the North Shore for dinner, and to try to catch the sunset. We wanted to try a place called Cholo's, an "authentic" mexican restaurant. We figured we would probably be disappointed by the food, being that we are from a place with such awesome mexican food, but we had to try anyway.

Cholo's was actually better than we expected! I figured that I would just be let down by enchiladas (because there are so many variations on a normal enchilada, you know), so I played it safe and ordered the Carne Asada. It was pretty good. The only let down I had with my meal was the tortillas. They were just warmed up store-bought tortillas. Oh well.

After dinner, we tried a North shore tradition, "shave ice". I have a few things to say about that. 1. "Shave" ice? really? we can't add that "d" in there? Sorry, these kinds of things bother me. There are signs all over the island for "shave ice", and it seems to me that it should be "shaved ice", right?

2. Another discrimination because my hometown is so close to Mexico: these things do not compare at all to raspas. Yes, the ice is good. But the flavors here are just weak. Jeremy and I were sad that they don't have tiger's blood flavor here. Back home, they would have a huge sign with all the flavors (like 30-40), but here they had maybe 15. Oh well. It was still a nice treat, and the kids enjoyed it.

I had been wanting to see the sunset for a while. The island has mountain ranges on both sides, so you can't see the sunrise or sunset from our house. We'd heard that the north shore was a good place to see the sunset.

We found out that it was, indeed, a good place to see the sun set. If the weather allowed. We did not get to see hardly anything because of the clouds in the way. It was still a lovely view, though.

Looking away from the beach, we saw the moon already out, and a rainbow! Yes, there's a rainbow there. Squint until you see it. or just humor me and tell me that you see it. :P

I had to take a couple pictures of the kids, and I think they turned out pretty well.

Jeremy wanted a picture with the beach in the background. Isn't he cute?

And he took one of me too. Actually, he took three of me. The other two turned out horrible. But this one isn't too bad.

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