A cute apron for a cute boy...

Colette has a really cute apron that her Meme (great-grandma) got for her at the Country Peddler's Show. For the past couple days, I had been thinking about making one for Gavin using hers as a pattern. I finally just sat down and did it.

It took me about 3 hours to make it, but I had many little interruptions along the way, and I was not organized (my stuff is barely unpacked). I am really happy with how it turned out, and Jeremy even said it looked good. (He said I should sell them, lol.)

I didn't start out telling Gavin that I was making an apron for him - he's way too impatient, he would have been on top of me the whole time I was sewing. He walked in, though, while I was sewing, and figured out I was making an apron. When I told him it was for him, he was so excited. He kept coming in and asking if his apron was done, he wanted to wear it.

He tried it on once I was done with the apron, and he was just so happy to have it. Gavin kept walking around in it.

I got the fabric last year at Ikea, and the binding is a white quilt binding. I made the top part different from Colette's, I figured it would be easier to have it squared off than rounded.

And here's Colette modelling her original apron. She said that she liked Gavin's new apron better than hers, and she wanted me to make a new one for her too. She gets so jealous!

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Stacy said...

too cute! You did a great job! I would buy one for my boy!