another little beach on the North Shore...

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago. I've been lazy about posting my pictures, I know. I'm sorry. :)

We went to the north shore this day (i don't even remember exactly what day it was, lol!), and found a little beach park that looked nice. It wasn't too crowded, either.

Apparently my pictures don't know how to load in order (or I'm just not paying enough attention to how I'm loading them), so sorry if I jump around...

Colette was riding the waves up the beach.

I sat on the beach towel for most of this trip. Hey, remember how I kept saying I could relax when I got to Hawaii? Guess what. I'm here now, so I can relax! (on the weekends, anyway. I still have housework and stuff to do..)

We always have to stop the kids from running into the water, so we can cover them in sunblock. We have upgraded to the kids waterproof SPF 70. It works for all of us (we are WHITE). We even put it in Gavin's hair, or his scalp gets sunburned.

No, I don't know these people. They got in the way of my awesome pictures.

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