A weekend adventure, part I (Barber's Point)

Last weekend was an adventure. Both days we got into the truck, not really knowing where we were going, but loaded down with drinks and snacks.

We decided to check out the western part of Oahu. We hadn't been that way at all, and there were several spot that we'd heard were good. Our first stop on Saturday was Barber's Point Beach and Lighthouse.

It's a beautiful beach, but it's not a good place for kids to play in the water, and it's crazy getting there - we had to drive through an industrial park.

I love the palm trees by the water.

The waves at this park were pretty big, and there was a rocky ledge there at the end of the beach, so we did not get in at all.

Lola had a ton of fun on this outing. I'm not quite sure what's happening here, though. It looks like poor Lola is about to do a faceplant in the sand. But she did not, so it's cool.

we found these little tide pools in part of the rocky ledge, and Lola loved them. She was drinking some of the salt water (nutty dog...), and she kept getting in the water.

And here she is scratching her back on the rock. She is so funny. :)

I was a little disappointed by the lighthouse, I thought it would be... bigger, cooler. It was a little boring, but hey, we've seen it now.

The view from the lighthouse.

The waves were really crashing on the rocks. It was fascinating to watch.

We found some cool shells and pieces of coral at this beach.

Before we got back in the truck, poor Lola had to get washed off in the shower they had, because she was covered in sand. She was not happy about that, but Colette wrapped her up in her own towel, and she just chilled out.

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Stacy said...

I'm lovin' your beach pictures. They are gorgeous! I can only imagine how many pictures I would be taking if I was there. It's gorgeous!! And your dog is silly. Cute, but silly.