Hailey's Birthday

Colette has made a really good friend since we moved to Hawaii. Hailey is in her class, and the two girls hang out all the time.

Hailey had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, and we all went. This picture is Colette and Hailey with Chuck e Cheese.


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Stacy said...

I love Collette and her friends matching shirts, too cute.
The pretzels look yummy! I will copy down the recipe but who knows if I will ever make them. I've been having a hard time with the baking lately. I think I have said that I'm going to make cookies for the past month and I still haven't done it. I think I just dread the clean up :)
The sea turtles are awesome. i think I would have been just as excited as you. Great pictures of you. I need to get on the other side of the camera more often. It just never seems to happen.