New Ceiling Fan

Our lanai (fancy Hawaiian word for porch thing) needed a ceiling fan. It gets hot in there, especially during the afternoon. As you know, ceiling fans are fairly expensive. But we got lucky and found a really cheap one at a garage sale. 

This is the original light fixture. Not too great.

And this is the cheap fan we found. Cute huh? Jeremy actually wanted to leave it like this, but I didn't let him.

I wanted to paint it, so I took it apart as much as I could (ok, as much as I felt like).

I spray painted the fan blades black, let them dry, and then painted the other sides.

Then I let them sit in the lanai for a few days. Jeremy got a little impatient, so he helped me paint the rest of the fan. I may have to do that more often. ;)

And Jeremy installed the new fan for me! Yay for guys who know how to install electrical things! (I can do a lot, but electrical just isn't one of my fortes.)

And here's my new fan in action! Isn't it so much nicer?


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