Iolani Palace & Capitol Building

Our friend, Steven, came to visit us (and bring our cat to us! But that's another post for another day...). He stayed for five days, and we tried to cram as much Oahu sight-seeing as possible in those five days. Mother Nature didn't agree with our plans most of the time, though, and we were rained out on pretty much everything we tried to do.

The first full day Steven was here, we tried to hike Diamond Head crater. It was raining most of the morning, and when it finally stopped, there were still tons of clouds around the crater. The main point of the hike is the awesome view at the top, so we decided against it for the day. We were already in the downtown area, so we decided to take a tour of the Iolani Palace (it was indoors!)

This is Jeremy and Steven in front of the palace.

And Jeremy and I.

This is the "Coronation Gazebo".

This is the gate to the palace.

Across the street is the capitol building. We did not go inside it, but we did take a couple pictures - it's pretty!

This statue is Kamehameha I.


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