My To-Do List

I tried to upload pictures last night, but Photobucket didn't let me. Sooooo, instead of some pretty pics from our houston trip & Katies Bridal Pics, I will share this week's to do list with you.

To make myself feel better, I'm going to put everything on there, even the stuff I've already done.

This week, I have to:

-finish editing Katie's bridal pics

-post Katie's bridal pics

*-edit Houston pics

*-post Houston pics

-go grocery shopping

-get oil & filter

-do laundry

-change our sheets

-drop off old clothes @ Goodwill

-vacuum the house

-clean up living room

-clean off treadmill

-work out

-wash car

-clean out trunk

-preliminary July budget

Hopefully I can get everything done this week!

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